Regional administration Blagoevgrad


Garmen 2960
35 Parva str.
tel.: 07523/2040, 2047
fax: 07523/3179
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The municipality of Garmen is situated in the south-western part of Bulgaria on an area of 388,5 sq km.It includes parts of the river Mesta valley and parts of the western mountainsides of the western Rhodopi Dabrash ridge. To the east, north and south it borders the municipalities of Satovcha, Bansko and Hadjidimovo and to the north-east and south-west it borders the municipalities of Velingrad and Gotse Delchev. The municipality consists of 16 villages with 15 114 residents. The municipality’s centre is Garmen village.
Garmen municipality is situated in a hilly region where the local economy is strongly dependent on agriculture as a source of incomes and employment. Local industry is dominated by light industry, tailoring and shoe-making in particular, and the developement of the manufactoring industry is mainly related to the possibilities for facing materials lignite and infusorial earth. The main agricultural cultivations are tobacco and potatoes. Stock breeding is dominated by sheep and cattle breeding. The sphere of services is represented by trade which is mostly of domestic importance.
The municipality of Garmen is very favourably situated to develop its tourism. The touristic sector has got a significant growth potential and is of big importance for the local economy. The execution of PHAR project for trans-frontier cooperation – the rehabilitation of road II-19 Razlog-Gotse Delchev-Drama will improve the access to the municipality and will increasw the number of tourists visiting our region.
Up to now there are 15 shelter utilities's with the capacity of 650 beds in our municipality.
The municipality of Garmen has got an enormous potential to develop various touristic supply-spa-tourism, historical, cultural, rural and eco tourism.
Touristic eco-paths: Kovatchevitsa- Skrebatno- Osikovo- Ribnovo; Kovatchevitsa- Dolen and Garmen- Kovatchevitsa can bring you closer to the preserved nature of the Rhodopi mountains and they are an excellent resource for the eco tourism development.
Architectural reserve Kovatchevitsa(23 km away from Gotse Delchev) can be a prerequisite for the development of historical and cultural tourism.
It is an architectural and historical phenomenon acknowledged a unique architectural testimony together with the architectural building school in the southwestern Rhodopi with its centre and most outstanding representative – Kovatchevitsa.
Most of the houses are restored (keeping the old tradition) and are ready to receive visitors. Out of these houses the more famous ones are: Bayatevata kashta (Bayatev’s House), Zherevata, Kapsazovata, Milchevata, Velchevata kashta (all Houses).

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