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Bansko - a fascinating symbiosis of history, traditions and natural beauty

The municipality of Bansko /462; 13394 p./ takes the most beautiful part of the Pirin mountain, Razlog valley, Momina Klisura gorge and the Dubrashky part of the Rodope mountain.The relief is flat in the river valley to hilly in the mountain and the pre-mountain part. The climate is transitional-continentalen with mediterranean influence and in the higher parts-mountain. The summer is short and cool and the winter is snowy, soft and long. The average January temperature is -1,9 C and the snow cover in the resort is held about 6 mounths a year. The summer temperatures are around 25 C. The nature is the graetest wealth of Bansko municipality. Scince 1962 the most beautiful part of Pirin mountain has been declared for National park Vihren. In 1974 it was extended and renamed to National park Pirin. Since 1999 the park is categorized in the Pirin NAtional Park with 40332 ha area. Its boundaries includs the reserves " Bauovi dupki", "Dzhindzhiritsa" and "Ulen". Because of its unique nature, National park "Pirin" is recognized as site of world heritage and since 1983 is listed in UNESCO Convention for the Protection of world heritage.
The municipality has 8 cities with a total population of 12 715 inh /15.12.09/. The municipality includes the followind settlements: Gostun, Dobrinishte, Kremen, Mesta, Obidim, Osenovo, Filipovo.
The town of Bansko /9740 inh/ is administrative, economic and cultural center of the municipality. Is situated at 925 m altitude in the southwest part of Razlog valley and in the foot of northern Pirin. Is 150 km away from Sofia and Plovdiv and 60 km from Blagoevgrad and is connected with them by bus transport. Asphalt-paved road and a modern chair lift connect the town with the high mountains and ski area.

The city is widely known as a tourist center and yearly attract the winter sports lovers. Since 1979 is declared as a unique settlement with international importance for the economic tourism. Bansko has about 150 monuments of culture and 5 of them are with national importance: The church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" /1774/, the church " Sv.Troica" /1835/ - with unique wood-carved iconostasis and built in 1850 clock bell towe, Benin house, Velyanova house and the home of N. Vaptsarov. In the center of the city are built the monuments of the born here P. Hilendarski, Simeon. V. Molerov and N. Vapcarov.
The rich history, preserved original renaissance architecture, the hospitality of the local people and the unique natural beauty make Bansko so atractive for the tourist from around the world.
The tourist business is the most dynamic and fast-growing sector of the economy of the municipality. Bansko is the bustling center of the winter sports and the summer recreation in Bulgaria. In last two years here have been built over a hundred hotels.

Attractive as a tourist attraction in the city area are the ruins of the early christian and medieval basilica. Dobrinishte is a small town with the status of the mayoralty of the municipality. It is situated 6 km southeast of Bansko and 850 m altitude at the foot of Northern Pirin. Dobrinishte is spa resort of regional significance. The lend is rich with mineral springs. The water is clear, odorless and sediment and plesant to drink.
Interest for the guests of the town are the church St.St. Petar and Pavel /1835/, archaeological complex and waterfalls in the area of "St.Nikola", the monestery "St.Panteleimon" /3.6 km/, the chalet "Gotse Delchev" and the beautiful landscapes and mountain peaks.