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Municipality Belitsa - Long-lived synchron between way of life and nature

Belitsa municipality is one of the smallest municipalities in southwestern Bulgaria with 328 and 9539 population. Cover parts ot Velishko-Videnishkiya part of western Rhodopes, Mesta valley and southern branches of eastern Rila. It borders with the municipalities of Yakoruda, Bansko, Razlog, Rila, Samokov and Velingrad. City of Belitsa is sheltered on the slopes of Rila mountain and the constituent villages are picturesque located in the Rhodope. This predetermine the unique diversity of nature, folklore and history on the municipality.
The relief is predominantly mountainous and hilly and the climate is transitional medeterranean with influence of mountain. The forests cover most of the municipality. Part of it forms the park stretch "Belitsa" of National park "Rila", which it recognized as a tourist site and recreation area.
Municipal Center Belitsa /3980 p./ and the new hotel complex "Zdravets", hotel "Belitsa", many private homes and resort area "Semkovo" /17 km north of the city/ offer excellent conditions for recreation in all seasons.
Interest for the tourists are some archaelogical monuments. The histoeical museum in Belitsa offer the tourists to peek into the rich history of te municipality and to learn about the life and the culture of the people.
Impressive symbol of the vicissitudes in the history of the village is the church of "St.George". Special interest for the tourists and visitors of the municipality Belitsa is the only one in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe Nature reserve for rehabilitation of dancing bears. Situated on the area of 76 in the beautiful area "Andrianov Chark" /12 km away from Belitsa/, it is model for caring for animals.
The economic sector of the municipality is dominated by logging and wood processing. Manufactured wooden building materials, furniture, paper and paper products. Revealed are and textile companies of Greek contractors. The agricultural production and the bread and bakery products is mainly for subsistence and local market.
With the introduction of alternative crops, bee-keeping, rural tourism and food industry, the agriculture have potentional for development.
The presence of anthropogenic tourist resources, combinated with the favourable natural conditions are serious prerequisites for development of ecological and sustainable tourism in the municipality.