Regional administration Blagoevgrad


The region of Blagoevgrad has a really rich past from prehistoric times to nowadays. The antiquity is marked with a Roman town /I – IIIc/ underneath the present  town of Sandanski – the town of Nein /I-IIIc./ near the village of Dolna Gradeshnitca, the municipality of Kresna, a Roman town /IV-VIc./ in Rupite place near the town of Petrich and Nikopolis ad Nestum /I-VIc./, Garmen municipality. There are many clear traces of the ancient Thracians, Romans and Greeks.

baner history


The Middle Ages is rich illustrated in the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik, which is also a historical and architectural reserve. The Rojen monastery and the church St. Theodor Tiron in Dobursko village are the most preserved Christian monuments form that time. Near the town of Petrich there are remains of the Samuil fortress, which was build up in the end of the First Bulgarian kingdom. The architectural reserves Kovachevitca and Dolen are very well preserved.
    The Renaissance had left clear traces on the territory of the region with the development of the crafts and the rich net of culture-educating centers.
    The forefather of the Bulgarian Renaissance Paisii Hilendarski was born in Bansko. The town of Blagoevgrad is the native town of the Apostle of April rising – Georgi Izmirliev – Makedoncheto. The world famous poet Nikola Vaptcarov was also born in Bansko.