Regional administration Blagoevgrad


The National Parks Rila and Pirin in conjunction with the ten nature reserves – Parangalitca, Bayovi dupki, Djindjiritca, Yuolen, Oreliak in Pirin mountain, Sokolata in Maleshevska mountain, Kongoro in Belasitca mountain, Alibutush in Slavianka mountain, Temnata gora and Konski dol in Rodopi mountain ensure protection of a great number of natural species.There are 290 protected animals, 280 of which are mammals. The protected plants are 84.



There are 346 739 hectares forest fond on the territory of the region. This is 58% of the whole territory of the region and 10% of the forests in the whole country.
    The biggest center for re-adaptation of dancing bears is situated in the town of Belitca. This is a joint project of two of the biggest nature protecting foundations in Europe – “Four paws” and “Brigit Bardot”.

    The mountains Rila and Pirin have well developed tourist infrastructure. There are many resorts that offer very good conditions of resting. Some of the famous resorts are Bansko, Razlog, Blagoevgrad, Sandanski, etc.
    There are four frontier posts on the territory of the region of Blagoevgrad – Stanke Lisichkovo and Zlatarevo are on the border between Bulgaria and Macedonia, Kulata and Ilinden are on the border between Bulgaria and Greece. One of the tenth international transport corridors – ITC 4 passes through the region